Meet the team!

Meet Stacy,

I have always had an interest in natural medicine & holistic health, but it wasn't until I had my own health transformation that led me to becoming a Doctor of Acupuncture. After years of suffering with chronic acne & hormone related issues, I began to dive deeply to learn everything I could about the body's innate intelligence & ability to not only heal, but thrive. 
My clinical focus is cosmetic acupuncture for facial rejuvenation. I help my patients heal from the inside out resulting in glowing skin & lasting results. The root cause of skin concerns often occurs due to high stress, mental health, digestive, menstrual or hormonal imbalances which are individually addressed in each session.
My intention is to create a safe space for deep healing of the mind, body, skin & soul. Each patient's care includes a longevity-based treatment plan using Traditional Chinese Medicine & modern diagnostic assessment. I take the time to address the root causes of internal imbalances to help you feel, look & perform your best, naturally.
I am nationally board-certified in acupuncture, clean needle technique & I hold a certificate in Mai Zen cosmetic acupuncture. Needle-less to say, I hope to see you in the treatment room!

Meet Babcia (grandmother in Polish),

Babcia co-founded by Stacy at the age of 89. Our journey began in 2020 and we were known for our handmade scrunchies & skin tools. Babcia is now 91 and continues to be one of our main scrunchie sewers with 70+ years of crafting experience. It's not uncommon for her to stay up all hours of the night sewing scrunchies to meet deadlines, fulfill orders & complete rigorous quality control (she runs a tight ship around here). You can be sure your scrunchie has been made with love.
By Stacy would not be possible without her hard work, attention to detail & passion for the brand. She is an inspiring woman of faith who carries herself with utmost grace and love.


Whether you are a regular acupuncture patient, gua sha enthusiast, or lover of Babcias' scrunchies; I'm so grateful you're here. I acknowledge our products & services require education & I am always here to answer questions & support you along your journey. I am dedicated to investing in reliable & accurate information in this industry to truly help you become the healthiest & highest version of yourself. We want to be part of your journey & thank you for being part of ours