What is SHEN

In Chinese Medicine, there are 3 essentials to sustaining human life. The Three Treasures are Jing, Qi & Shen. 

Meet Shen:

Shen is responsible for your presence & vitality. Chinese masters say it is through Shen that you radiate yourself into the world. Shen manifests as your wisdom, calmness, virtue & maintains your whole being. Shen is the oneness of all that you are.
Shen is felt in your heart & visible in your eyes. You know those people bright sparkling eyes? The people that have a happy, healthy vibrant glow? That's Shen. Those with suffering Shen have dull lifeless eyes without the sparkle; almost as if nobody is home.
What does this mean? The most beautiful thing you can be is radically yourself. When you allow yourself to live authentically, you are nurturing your Shen. In TCM, everything is connected. When you are living in authenticity, your mind is powerful, your spirit is joyful, and your youthfulness is preserved.