Skin tools have become very popular lately so I am sure you have heard of both gua sha & jade rollers. While they are recently very popular in the West, they originated & have been used for thousands of years in Asian cultures. 

GUA SHA vs JADE ROLLING: Let's go over the difference:


Jade Roller: Jade rollers, as the name states, are traditionally made with jade stone for it's naturally cooling properties (you can get one with pretty much any gemstone now). They work in an upward & outward motion and are great to de-puff and eliminate dark circles, especially around the eyes. They also help with product absorption as only 4% of product penetrates the skin. This would be a great tool to take travelling if you experience extra puffiness.
(An original jade roller from the 1800's)
Gua Sha: If you couldn't already tell, gua sha is my absolute favorite! While there is a time and a place for both, I find gua sha to be more useful & personalized. You can use multiple sides & edges of the tool for a very personalized ritual. You are more in control of how much pressure you wish to apply and the stone is strategically crafted to work in harmony with the shape of your face (specifically for erasing fine lines, lifting & sculpting). It is an easier tool to clean and also aids in product absorption.
In conclusion: While your jade roller has incredible beauty & skin benefits, it doesn't get much deeper than the surface level. Your gua sha stone drains your lymph nodes (located around your entire body, 1/3 being in your neck/face). When done consistently, you will notice less breakouts, smoother skin texture & experience an overall  brighter completion (gua sha glow).