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Providing curated holistic treatments & tools so you can glow from within

Meet Stacy

As a board-certified Doctor of Acupuncture, my purpose & passion is to help women discover youthfulness, vitality, energy & beauty; naturally.

My approach is to treat the mind, body, spirit & skin using modern diagnostic techniques & ancient healing practices.

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  • Get Lifted | gua sha facial

    This treatment uses lymphatic facial methods to eliminate waste & toxins from your tissues, manually manipulate accelerated drainage, smooth out fascia, create a natural lift, and sculpt the face.

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  • Acu Glow | cosmetic acupuncture

    Cosmetic acupuncture is an all natural, non-toxic, minimally invasive procedure to make the skin glow from the inside out.

    Side effects may include: glowing skin, reduced fine lines & wrinkles, reduced acne & improved texture

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  • Traditional acupuncture

    Acupuncture is a powerful solution for mental & physical well-being. We use thin needles to stimulate the body's healing response to shift from sympathetic (fight or flight) into parasympathetic (rest & digest)- the only place your body can truly begin to heal.

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The wellness shop

Custom gua sha tool

The bian gua sha tool was custom designed by Stacy, with the intention of intersecting full body beauty & wellness. Stacy's method is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine with formal training on the lymphatic system. Each curve of this is stone intended to hug your skin for a personalized gua sha ritual


Rituals that deliver results

Lift | Plump | Tone | Sculpt | Glow

  • Bian

    The original healing stone used in Traditional Chinese Medicine known for antioxidant & antiaging effects on our DNA & cells

    ~Cleanse & balance energy

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  • Rose quartz

    Known for soothing effects by warming up to the temperature of the skin. It is said that Cleopatra placed pieces of rose quartz in her bath tub for it's natural healing abilities

    ~Love, confidence, harmony

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  • Opalite

    Known for firming, lifting & immune boosting benefits in ancient medicine

    ~Independence, creativity, spontaneity

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  • Jade

    Known for it's cooling properties which is great for red, inflamed & acne prone skin

    ~Calmness, balance, positivity

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Does acupuncture hurt?

It is often the case that patients don't even feel the needles! Acu needles are extremely thin & entirely different than the ones given for injections or drawing blood. While everybody has different levels of sensitivity, acupuncture is virtually painless.

As someone who used to be afraid of needles, I take a very gentle approach and ensure you are fully comfortable each step of the way.

What does acupuncture feel like?

Once the needles have been inserted, you may feel a warm, tingling, heavy, or achy sensation. This is referred to as 'De Qi', and is a positive sign that the body & needles are interacting. The sensation is mild & patients often fall into a deep sense of relaxation (also referred to as an acu-nap).

How does cosmetic acupuncture work?

Cosmetic acupuncture works by creating micro traumas in the skin barrier to stimulate the body's natural healing response. These 3 things happen:

1. Collagen & elastin- Will be sent to the sight of the microtrauma to heal. Collagen is what makes the skin maintain it's youthfulness & elasticity.

2. White blood cells-Known to kill bacteria such as acne.

3. Red blood cells- Deliver oxygen, nutrients & improve circulation. This helps move stagnation & blockages giving your skin that youthful & buoyant glow

As we age, our facial muscles begin to atrophy & our collagen levels deplete causing sagging skin, fine lines & wrinkles. While this is an inevitable part of aging, cosmetic acupuncture supports theses changes by preserving collagen levels, increasing blood flow & and enhancing immune cells to strengthen the skin barrier.

Skin concerns (acne, pre-mature aging, dry skin, etc) happen due to internal imbalances that are also addressed during cosmetic acupuncture by inserting needles on specific points of the entire body.

Do you offer direct billing?

Yes! I offer direct billing for both cosmetic & traditional acupuncture.

How long until I see/feel results?

"One treatment is a treat, 4+ is a treatment"

You will notice brighter, glowing skin & a sculpted look in 1-2 sessions & more significant acne & antiaging results in 4-8 sessions.

Acupuncture is like going to the gym; it has a cumulative effect. You will feel amazing after just one session, but the real healing results you're looking are created with appointment consistency & lifestyle recommendations. Each treatment plan will differ according to your current state of health & goals of care.

Together we will create a treatment plan & maintenance plan that best serves you.

I know someone who said acupuncture doesn't work, will it work for me?

Typically, those who have tried acupuncture & claim it doesn't work have only tried it 1-2 times & spaced out over long periods of time. Imbalances don't develop overnight and neither does natural healing. I partner with my patients to take an active & empowering role in their healing journey.

Acupuncture is medicine. Just like your doctor prescribes medicine & how often you take it, acupuncture must also be dosed properly.

What is LED light therapy?

Initially discovered by NASA, red light therapy increases ATP production in the cells (energy) which increases fibroblast cell activity. This is responsible for collagen & elastin production.

Blue light has shorter wavelengths & works superficially in the skin which makes it excellent for killing surface level bacteria (acne) & reducing oil production that causes the breakouts.

LED light therapy combined with cosmetic acupuncture is a powerful & natural solution for glowing & healthy skin.

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