Skin tools & scrunchies


Rituals that deliver results

  • Rose quartz

    Known for soothing effects by warming up to the temperature of the skin. It is said that Cleopatra placed pieces of rose quartz in her bath tub for it's natural healing abilities

    ~Love, confidence, harmony

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  • Jade

    Known for it's cooling properties which is great for red, inflamed & acne prone skin

    ~Calmness, balance, positivity

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  • Opalite

    Known for firming, lifting & immune boosting benefits in ancient medicine

    ~Independence, creativity, spontaneity

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  • Bian

    The original healing stone used in Traditional Chinese Medicine known for antioxidant & antiaging effects on our DNA & cells

    ~Cleanse & balance energy

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Skin tools

Scrunchies... because you can't gua sha with your hair down