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by S T A C Y

Opalite Gua Sha

Opalite Gua Sha

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A daily wellness ritual, rooted in tradition. Gua sha is designed to enhance your inner health & outer radiance.

  • Increases blood flow- giving that plump & glowing look
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Relieves muscle tension (jaw, shoulders)
  • Revitalizes the skin

Gua sha can be used all over the body but the principals remain the same; move stagnation & flush toxins, giving the skin a healthy & rejuvenated glow 

About the Gemstone:

Opal is said to be beneficial for granting healthy immunity & emotional wellbeing. In ancient medicine, opal has a lifting and firming effect on the skin, benefits the eyes, kidneys, hair & nails. The opal encourages independence, creativity & spontaneity.


Your purchase makes a difference. Each gua sha tool removes 10 plastic bottles from the ocean & provides premium working conditions to those collecting them.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This tool has been amazing for my skin! I can see a difference already after using it for a few months now. I also love how pretty it is which makes me want to use it all the time! I’ve tried other gua sha tools before and they do not compare to this one.

Incredible product!

I am so happy I bought this gua sha! I've used it a handful of times and already notice a difference in my skin's condition. I used to always have those under the skin bumps, and they are almost completely gone now! I find the products that I use on my face sink deeper into my skin and I'm actually getting my money's worth now! I also love how pretty it is in the sun :)

jessica Francis Gatt

Love this!it's gorgeous

I love!

I love my new gua sha! The quality is great and the color is perfect. Just as it looks in the pictures! Using it has already brought me great comfort. My new favorite part of my routine!!

Stacy Hadley

I got both the pink quartz and the opalite. The quality, personalized customer service, free shipping, price point and social consciousness of this brand is perfect! I'm just waiting for the Jade to be re-stocked and I will be ordering again! Thanks Stacy and keep up the amazing work!

P.S. if you've never tried gua sha, now is the time! It's like a mini face massage every day and you won't find a better price for genuine stone.