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The Olivia is a subtle olive green scrunchie in silk. It adds a pop of colour while maintaining a sophisticated shine

*Care Tip- Chuck your scrunchie in a delicate cycle in the dryer. The heat will shrink the coil back to size*

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Customer Reviews

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I love this scrunchie!

I love this scrunchie so much! I've noticed with other spiral hair ties they stretch out super easily and with my thick hair they don't hold. These scrunchies have some form of magic in them! They stretch but not so much that they fall out of my hair during the day. I can re-tie my hair multiple times through out the day without worrying about if the scrunchie will stay in my hair. I love it so much!

I’m obsessed!!!

This olive green scrunchie is the perfect shade!!! And I love the silky texture of the material used! It’s perfection!


Totally obsessed with these scrunchies! They're so pretty and I wear one every day. Have a few now-- blueberry. cinnamon, steel, ruby, Olivia, primrose, blue lagoon, and roses are red. All are just beautiful and the coils hold the hair so well. Stacy is so nice and so helpful---it's been such a pleasant experience to buy from her. I don't doubt I'll be back for more . Thanks Stacy!