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Gua Sha Consult

Gua Sha Consult

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As a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with a special interest in dermatology; I have discovered 2 things to be true:

1) Most of your skin goals are achieved through intentional, consistent,  & quality routines at home.

2) No 2 people have the same skin! You deserve an individualized plan based on your specific goals & overall constitution

Gua Sha results lie in your ability to maintain good habits through skin care tools, skin care products, and lifestyle choices. I am here to offer you a personalized virtual gua sha consultation to guide you towards your specific goals and offer education on tools and products for glowing success! Learn how to support your skins natural ability to heal itself with facial gua sha!

Your virtual consult includes: 

-15 minute zoom or facetime to learn how to confidently practice facial gua sha & address main concerns (acne, headaches, TMJ, body gua sha, sculpting, puffy eyes, tension, wrinkles, etc) 

-Recommended oils & serums for your gua sha practice based on your skin type

-Recommended tools & herbal supplements to support your glowing results

-Common misconceptions, ideal pressure & angle techniques


During this time, we will go over your skincare history, current routine, lifestyle factors (sleep, stress, diet), supplements, tools, goals & any questions you may have.

Please keep in mind that skin is the largest organ in our body and can take time for physical results to manifest. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the issues that show up on our skin are a result of deeper rooted issues (e.g. digestion, hormones, gut health, emotions). The goal is to address the underlying cause of the issue as opposed to just treating the surface of the skin. Like going to the gym, you will feel great immediately after each session; however, physical results will take time.  


**Please fill out all your contact details when you place your order & I will contact you to set a date & time

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Stacy was so helpful, highly recommend!

Gua she facial

Stacy gave me my first ever gua sha facial and wow…. I didn’t know what to expect but it exceeded everything I expected. It felt SO good and my skin was glowing the next day. She taught me how to use my gua sha stone at home. She is incredibly knowledgeable & kind. Thank you Stacy!!