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Hazel is the scrunchie for every occasion; neutral, subtle & sophisticated

*Care Tip- Chuck your scrunchie in a delicate cycle in the dryer. The heat will shrink the coil back to size*

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Anna Erickson
Game. Changer.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned in my life about hair ties- spiral ties held the best, but yanked out my hair terribly! Scrunchies (especially silk ones) are way more gentle, but not the most secure.
Combine the two like Stacy has… Game. Changer!!
They hold my long hair up securely for a long time without kinking or causing headaches!
I also absolutely love that these are handmade and a female owned, Canadian small business!

Vanessa Rust
The perfect scrunchie!

I've always struggled to find scrunchies that don't leave a kink or pull my hair out during removal, and the search is finally over! It's also super comfortable and just flashy enough to get compliments from my coworkers. Great quality as well.

Amanda Asturias
Best scrunchie

In love with my new scrunchie from by Stacy! I love coiled elastics for the way the hold my hair in place all day but also love scrunchies for how gentle they are on my hair, the combination of both in one is the best of both worlds! Genius! Love it so much!

Nicole P

I love this scrunchie, it is one of my faves. It pairs so well with every outfit and it holds all of my hair! The fabric is soft & silky!!