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Bian Gua Sha

Bian Gua Sha

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Our custom made bian gua sha tool was created with the intention of intersecting wellness & beauty through TCM. We thoughtfully designed this stone with both smooth & jagged edges to allow for a personalized gua sha ritual. Each curve is intended to hug your skin; promoting lifted, sculpted & glowing skin.


- Curved ridge: It's no secret that stress can manifest itself in several ways. Some common physical manifestations are tight muscles, jaw tension & stressed temples. The curved ridge in this stone is designed to melt tension & release tight muscles.

*Bonus tip, try the ridged edge on your shoulders, forearms & legs

-Stress & emotions: Skin flare ups, adrenal fatigue/burnout, poor sleep are all things that we, as a collective experience. Using gua sha as a meditative ritual is a great way to reduce anxiety. Create a calm environment and focus on breathwork, slow movements & grounding.

-Bian- Our stone is made from 100% natural & ethically sourced bian. It is said to emit ultrasound pulsations, far infrared rays & negative ions; all of which are known for their antioxidant & antiaging effects on our DNA & cells.


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Customer Reviews

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Kennedy Thomas
So Classy

This gua sha is not only a gorgeous black colour (which looks lovely in my bathroom), but also has so many different sides that I've been able to use for my whole body. I love using the ridged edge on my legs after a long gym day. Also, I love putting my gua sha in the fridge for about 5 minutes and then lightly working on my temples. Super relaxing and rejuvenating!


This stone is amazing. It is such high quality, and truly feels amazing on my skin. Stacy is always ready and able to answer any questions I may have, and is so knowledgeable. Every part of this gua sha is perfection, but my favourite part is the ridges!


I got this stone with a gua sha consult with Stacy, and I was honestly blown away with the quality of this stone. I don't know what I was expecting because I have never tried gua sha before, but this felt so smooth & was exactly what I needed. My favorite part is the ridges. Thanks Stacy!

Incredible and Unique Gua Sha Tools! A must have.

I have been suffering with neck tension for months now and Stacy`s Gua Sha`s are the only product I have used that has made a significant impact. The stone is elegant and uniquely shaped. I highly reccommend this tool for anyone who is looking for incredible results or who is struggling with jaw, neck and shoulder tension! Cannot say enough good things about this product.