By S T A C Y was founded with the intention of creating positive impact. Our mission is to redefine wellness beyond the surface so that you can tap into your fullest potential. You deserve to feel as good about your purchase as you do your products which is why we only support ethical suppliers & responsible manufacturers. We are here to raise the standard for sustainable accessories keeping both you & the planet our top priority.

We are committed to simplifying the gap between traditional rituals & modern wellness through intentional tools & education. We invite you to enhance your well-being with rituals that are uniquely yours.


The Heart of Our Company is based on these values


Sustainability & Ethics 

We strive to minimize waste during production and support fairly paid workers. We pride ourselves in being a plastic neutral company thanks to our Partnership with Plastic Bank. With the purchase of products you love, you are saying yes towards a more sustainable & ethical future.


Quality & Integrity

Our products are made to last. Our offerings are designed to provide value to you & create premium working conditions to those making them. We hold our partners & suppliers to the highest standard of product quality & environmental impact.


 Innovation & Impact

We strive to be your reliable ‘one-stop-shop’ for daily essentials. We are here to enhance your life by offering products that you can use daily & create intentional rituals with. Our products often come with little ‘love notes’ hidden on them to spread love and encourage the pursuit of your best self.



 Our Story

By STACY was founded in August of 2020. It all started with an Etsy shop to share our handmade spiral scrunchies while pursuing a doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

Demand increased and I could no longer sew all of the scrunchies myself. My 90 year old grandma with 70+ years of sewing experience joined the team and soon took over most of the production allowing me to manage the front end of our company. This journey would not be possible without her hard work, attention to detail & patience. She is an inspiring women of faith who carries herself with utmost grace and loves every person she meets. She is my co-founder, role model, and Babcia (grandmother in Polish). She continues to be one of our sewers to this day & uses the same sewing machine she brought with her to Canada when immigrating from Poland... oh my heart!

While spiral scrunchies will always be part of our story, we decided to expand our brand to embody modern wellness rituals that are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We a saw a need to share the "tradition behind the trend" when it comes to ancient beauty.

Thank you for being part of our journey