The Brand 

In 2020, by STACY was launched as an Etsy account selling handmade scrunchies. The brand has since grown to include coveted essentials within the health, wellness and lifestyle space. 


The Founder

Stacy has always loved holistic living. She was working in corporate finance when she first discovered reformer Pilates & absolutely fell in love. She had to dress very professionally for her 9-5 but would often look like a mess after class. Her biggest complaint was the hair creases & dents that elastics would leave. This sparked the idea for Stacy to create her own luxury scrunchies using a hair coil beneath premium fabric. These scrunchies are for the girl that wakes up early to go to Pilates before work; the girl who hustles during the day but has places to be in the evening; the girl working tirelessly to create her dreams into a reality ...& every woman in between.

Stacy ended up leaving her 9-5 to pursue her calling in holistic medicine. While she returned to post-secondary for Acupuncture, she decided to fuse her passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine with her love of lifestyle essentials.


Demand for scrunchies increased and Stacy could no longer sew all of them herself. Her 90 year old grandma with 70+ years of sewing experience became co-founder and soon took over most of the production allowing Stacy to manage the front end of company. This journey would not be possible without her hard work, attention to detail & patience. She is an inspiring women of faith who carries herself with utmost grace and loves every person she meets. She is my co-founder, role model, and my Babcia (grandmother in Polish). She continues to be one of our sewers to this day!


Our Values

Sustainability & Ethics 

We hold our suppliers & partners to the highest standard of product quality & working conditions. We strive to minimize waste during production and support fairly paid workers. We are proudly a plastic neutral company thanks to our Partnership with Plastic Bank. You can rest easy knowing that your purchase is not only good for the planet, but good for you too.


We take our role in the wellness industry very seriously. We acknowledge there is a lot of information in this industry. We pride ourselves in continuously investing in informative & accurate information in order to provide you with the best services. We only carry products we deem 'essential'. We are conscious of consumerism & hope you are too, which is why we will only offer high-quality daily staples.


We strive to be more than just a brand. Through thoughtfully curated products, honest educational content & professional services 


Our Promise to you

By Stacy promises to be more than just an online store, but a platform where you can read, listen and learn, whilst curating all the essentials you need to lead a healthy, active life. Thank you for being part of our journey.